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    It seems like everyone these days is talking about 3D Volume or Russian Volume or Mega Volume, and so on.


  Before I go on and explain what are all these volumes, I will first make sure that YOU, our potential client, know what they are NOT.



   There are many centers who are still using CLUSTER LASHES instead of VOLUME EXTENSIONS. If you are lucky. If you are not, they may be even using CLUSTER LASHES WITH A KNOT which are EXTREMELY DAMAGING to your natural eyelashes, if not used for their intended purpose (which is to be glued on your eyelid with a weak bonding silicon glue).

  CLUSTER LASHES are PRE-MADE groups of lashes, which contain from 2 to sometimes 10 small hairs in one group, or one extension. Whether they are made with our without a KNOT, they are generally used with a weak silicone glue, that is not supposed to keep the extensions on your eye-lids or eyelashes for more than 2 weeks. Cluster lashes are WAY TOO HEAVY to be used for individual extensions. Definitely they are not to be used on a long term bases, unless they are removed and re-applied every 2 weeks.

If  you are paying for ONE-ON-ONE extensions, make sure your eyelash technician shows you which lashes is she or he using!

So how about those Ds?

From my book:


During the individual eyelash extensions procedure, one synthetic or natural eyelash extention hair is glued to a SINGLE client's eyelash. The extension DOES NOT touch the skin.


*** please note here that we glue the extension on ONE SINGLE NATURAL EYELASH. Not two, or three or... Natural lashes must remain well separated during and AFTER the procedure!!!***


The names: 2D, 3D, 4D etc., signifies how many  eyelash extension hairs are placed on one natural eyelash.

Classic extensions – 1 false lash to one natural eyelash

2D       -          2 false lashes to 1 natural eyelash

3D       -          3 false lashes to 1 natural eyelash (Russian VOLUME STARTS HERE)

4D       -          4 false lashes to 1 natural eyelash

5D       -          5 false lashes to 1 natural eyelash

6D       -          6 false lashes to 1 natural eyelash


20D     –          MEGA VOLUME


For instance, in 6D volume technique, 6 hairs are glued.



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